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Our Team


Dave Earle, MBE

Dave has built a culture in his fitness and boxing club over the last 19 years, that promotes an open and inclusive tribe.


His work supporting recovering alcoholics- and drug addicts, as well as community support, has earnt him an MBE.


Dave has been teaching Boxercise fitness classes for over 30 years and has developed his own formula that focuses on the mind, body, and tribe, now known as a Tribus Class

Gym owner, boxing coach & mental health advocate.


Aaron Ridley

Aaron is a former professional fighter who has spent years learning, improving, and gaining qualifications while developing businesses in the corporate mental health arena

He was introduced to the importance of mental health in sport after becoming a champion fighter and has developed a unique set of skills and strategies over the past 20 years and founded Mental Fit Ltd. 

Aaron has a masters in Mentoring and Coaching, is a chartered leadership coach, a member of the Assiociation of British Mentors (ABM), a PCELC & AMAP Certified coach. Additionally a mentor to entry level talent, graduates, athletes, senior leadership teams and executives. Lastly, Aaron is a Hatton Boxing Academy Elite Level Coach

Former athlete, mind set specialist, mental health advocate, strategist, certified coach and all round lover of helping people. 


Maxie Earle

Maxie has spent four years as chairman and coach of a boxing club. And has supported Dave in runnig his gym for the last 6 years. 

He has supported gyms in both the UK and Norway to improve their customer acquisition and communication strategies.

Maxie is on the board and head of the technical department of a global digital mental health tool and believes low threshold mental health support should be available for everyone.

Former boxing coach, gym growth & marketing specialist, and

tech lead for the world's largest free digital Mental Health Tool

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