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Mental Well-being Courses & Qualifications for Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals that study mental well-being are more likely to attract clients, give them a better experience and keep them for longer.

Let's help people beyond the class.

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There is a better way to coach

Health is complex.  To achieve the best results as a coach, a basic understanding of the three core pillars is needed.

Mental Well-being

Mental well-being is how we respond to life’s ups and downs. In this simple mental well-being definition lies deeper meaning and implication for our lives. It includes how a person thinks, handles emotion, and acts.

Social Well-being

Social well-being can be defined as the sharing, developing, and sustaining of meaningful relationships with others. This allows you to feel authentic and valued, and provides a sense of connectedness and belonging.

Physical Well-being

the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.

We are collaborating with Third Space London to provide high quality courses

Our qualifications are recognised and valued by the best in the industry. 

Join the TRIBE and learn to impact your clients like never before

"A course every PT needs to do."

~Pele Zachariah - Rowbots

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Our Graduates love using what they have learned

The learning outcomes from our courses don't just help you help your clients in the gym. We teach you how to impact your clients in the 23 hours a day they're not with you, giving a unique selling and retention point to the service you offer 

Mental and Social health has a big impact on your clients' results

With healthier minds, comes healthier bodies.


When you're able to work with your clients to improve their mental and social health you're improving their lives in ways you never thought possible. 

Did you know?

Clients that train
with friends
stick with their training program
78% longer than those that do not

"I had the pleasure to meet Aaron and Dave and be through their education in regards of Mental Health and fitness. A day where I understood better how to approach people and how to ask better questions. Alongside theory we had also interactive games, and opportunity to share experience. I would recommend the course for those who want to add a different knowledge to their coaching career. Not everything is reps and sets."


"A highly impressive coaching curriculum providing real quality insight and education for personal trainers and fitness coaches of all experiences. Participating within this course was refreshing and has definitely reinvigorated my understanding on the importance and necessity of focusing on mental and social health, alongside the physical in this field. The industry has been crying out for a course that specialises and raises awareness on these factors!"

“I wasn't sure what to fully expect from this course initially, but it didn't fail in what it delivered.
It supplied priceless information around development not only for current and future clients, but to my own life and skillsets.

An enjoyable and informative course, led by seasoned professionals and taken alongside like-minded individuals looking to better their knowledge.”

"Fantastic course and amazing delivery. An industry first. Please get on board!"

Total Transition Personal Training

"I have to give this course 5 stars. Initially I was sceptical when I got an email inviting me to take part in the course but as I always say, knowledge is wealth.
I was impressed with the delivery of the course and it's also given me the tools to go and implement what I have learned with my own clients. Health isn't' jus physical, we often forget the mental impact it can have and if we can tap into this then we will be better off.

Highly recommend anyone wanting to delve into this to sign up."

“Great course, very knowledgeable with interesting perspectives. Look forward to the next one”

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